Working With You

It can be very lonely running a business, very often we can be so busy providing our service that the planning and strategy for the business takes a back seat.

This is where mentoring works, it is an opportunity to pause and review your successes and issues with your mentor. The value here is multifaceted so this is what you can expect;

  • No charge for the first meeting
  • Say What Went Well and highlight any issues
  • Consider some options and express any concerns
  • You talk about what you want to talk about
  • Conversations are confidential
  • A mentor who is experienced in many aspects of business
  • Nothing is ruled in or out and it is always your choices
  • Conversations are fluid and two way
  • Planned meetings via face to face or Skype
  • Telephone support for those ad-hoc, urgent issues
  • An honest opinion

Mentoring is about you having someone to trust, who you can talk to and has been there. A mentor can understand quickly the issues and suggest some options for you to consider.

It is always your business and choices, it just means you do not feel isolated as you progress your business to achieve your goals.

Its is about the mentor passing on their skills and experience to you, so you will always have them to use when you need them.

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